Alone, AI cannot complete the entirety of the task, just as humans unaided cannot delve into as profoundly vast data and evaluate as AI can.

Together, the super mind results in super beneficial M&A.

Data Feed

AI quality of result is directly dependent of the quality of the data it receives. Our process start with humans, and quality input data is key!


AI in unbeatable when the task at hand requires precision, high-volume, absolute attention to details, and a full scope of data possibilities to cross-reference.


Teamwork, between AI and our Specialized Team, is what makes us Second To None. The best of both worlds and cooperating through the entire process. 

Kristina Beklemishcheva

COO, MSX Holdings

I can recognize and validate an incredible AI implementation when I see one because I am MIT AI Certified myself, and AI:M&A blew my mind with their incredible solution!

Big Data

Trend & Business Analysis

Buyers learn how to trust our reviews because our process uncover data minutia that positively impacts the decision make when acquiring or merging a new company, minutia that sometimes is overlooked or hard to grasp without the help of AI, damaging a grate potential deal and impacting both, Buyers and Sellers. 

Real-Time Data Evaluation

Assessing a company’s value is a multifaceted undertaking that often encounters challenges due to various influencing factors. Numerous transactions might have yielded more advantageous outcomes for both buyers and sellers had they possessed insights into added value. This is precisely the area that our AI System focuses on, with our team devoting considerable attention to these critical aspects.

Pattern Detection & Opportunity Matching

As reiterated earlier, this process thrives on teamwork. It necessitates the collaboration of AI, specialists, banking partners, buyers, sellers, and occasionally, specialized consultants and analysts, to validate a business opportunity. While teamwork is a staple in the M&A industry, what sets us apart is our integration of AI into the equation, a unique feature that has inspired us to term our approach as AI:M&A.